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IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE CRISIS, CALL 911.   Report an Incident


For Responsible Employees

Reporting by Responsible Employees

If you are a Responsible Employee, in no event should the victim be told that your conversation will be confidential.

As a University of Virginia employee, you have an obligation under the University's Reporting Policy, to report to the University's Title IX Coordinator if you witness or receive a report of Prohibited Conduct under the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the University's Reporting Policy and the Sexual Misconduct Policy and your duties and responsibilities under those policies. 

Pursuant to the Reporting Policy, a Responsible Employee is required to report to the University's Title IX Coordinator all information (e.g., the names of the reporting party, the parties, any witnesses, and any other relevant information, including the date, time, and location of the alleged incident) disclosed to them about an incident of Prohibited Conduct. This report may be made using the University's Just Report It form or by contacting the Title IX Office directly at (434) 297-7988,, or O'Neil Hall, 445 Rugby Rd., Suite C023.

Responsible Employees are not required to report disclosures made:

  • In the context of public awareness events (e.g., "Take Back the Night," candlelight vigils, protests, "survivor speak-outs" or other public forums in which students or employees may disclose incidents of Prohibited Conduct; 
  • During an individual's participation as a subject in an Institutional Review Board-approved human subjects research protocol; OR
  • When the disclosure is made in the course of academic coursework, including classroom discussion, papers, or other assignments, unless the disclosure was made to obtain help related to the issue, academic accommodations, extensions, etc.

Resources for Responsible Employees

Chart for Confidential Resources

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment: What Students Need to Know, a quick reference guide for students

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment: What Employees Need to Know, a quick reference guide for employees

Resource and Reporting Guide for Students, a detailed description of available resources for students

Resource and Reporting Guide for Employees, a detailed description of available resources for employees

Flowchart: Title IX Grievance Process, a quick reference guide about Prohibited Conduct under the Grievance Process

Flowchart: Procedures for Sexual or Gender-Based Misconduct, a quick reference guide about Prohibited Conduct under the Misconduct Procedures