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PADHR Training FAQ

If you have a question about the PADHR training that is not answered in this FAQ, please contact us at or 434-924-3200. We will continue to update FAQ information as we address additional questions or issues.

Why is the Preventing and Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation ("PADHR") training required?

Ensuring that every employee understands their rights and responsibilities with respect to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation is of vital importance to the University. 

University policy also requires this training. The Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights ("EOCR") is responsible for ensuring that the University community receives instruction in support of institutional efforts to prevent and address discrimination, harassment, and retaliation (implementing the HRM-009: Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment and HRM-010: Preventing and Addressing Retaliation policies).

Who is required to take the PADHR training?

University policies related to non-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation (HRM-009 & HRM-010) apply to all employees of the University, the University Medical Center, and the University College at Wise. This means that all faculty and staff, wage, faculty wage, temporary employees, and students employees, including graduate teaching and research assistants, are required to complete the training.

If you are uncertain whether you are required to complete the training, please email or call 434-924-3200.

Please note that sexual and gender-based harassment is covered by the University’s HRM-041: Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence ("Title IX Policy").  The Not on Our Grounds - Responsible Employee training, which is a separate training administered by the Title IX Office, covers these forms of harassment.  More information about the Not on Our Grounds training is available here:  You may also contact the Title IX Office at 434-297-7988 or

Am I considered a supervisor under Preventing and Adressing Discrimination and Harassment & Preventing and Addressing Retaliation policies?

Under HRM-009 and HRM-010, a supervisor is any person who has authority to:

  • undertake or recommend tangible employment decisions (e.g., hiring, firing, and promoting) affecting an employee;
  • undertake or recommend academic decisions affecting a student; or
  • direct a student’s academic activities.

The following individuals are also considered supervisors:

  • faculty members who teach a course or to whom work-study students report; and
  • undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants who are responsible for grading course assignments, projects, quizzes, exams, or other coursework.

If you are uncertain which training to complete, please email or call 434-924-3200.

How often am I required to complete this training?

Typically, once every two years.  However, circumstances may arise where a faculty or staff member may be asked to retake this training or participate in additional in-person PADHR training.

How do I access the PADHR training (University & University College at Wise)?

You access the online PADHR training here:

How do I access the PADHR training (University Medical Center)?

The PADHR module can be found on your To Do list in NetLearning. When you begin, the training module will open in a new window.  Please complete the module and then return to NetLearning and click “Take Test.” Upon completion of both the module and the test, you will be considered compliant.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the PADHR training?

For content or policy questions, please contact EOCR at or 434-924-3200.

Is PADHR training the same as the Title IX Not on Our Grounds - Responsible Employee training?

No. PADHR training is separate from the Not on Our Grounds - Responsible Employee training, and covers different topics.  Therefore, completion of the Responsible Employee training does not satisfy the PADHR training requirement.  For questions about the Responsible Employee training or HRM-041: Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence (‘Title IX Policy”), please contact the Title IX team at or 434-297-7988.

I do not have a NetBadge account. How do I get one (University & University College at Wise)?

Access to training requires that you have an active NetBadge account. If you need to create a NetBadge account, please contact Information Technology Services (“ITS”) at 434-924-4357 or visit the ITS website for more information:

I have entered my NetBadge information, but NetBadge does not appear to be working. Why won't the PADHR training launch for me?

For NetBadge troubleshooting tips, please visit the website:, or call 434-924-4357.  If you have successfully entered your NetBadge information, but the training does not launch, please contact EOCR at or 434-924-3200.

I took the training, but the system hasn't logged a completion. Why?

In order for the system to record a completion, you must advance through each slide/page of the training, submit a response to each question, and when appropriate, actively click on the link to read the applicable UVA policy.

Will the system keep track of my progress if I can't complete all of the training at once?

You may begin the training and stop at any point. Although the system will automatically track your progress, you will need to navigate through the introductory pages first before being directed to the NetBadge page. Once you enter your NetBadge information, you will be directed to the beginning of any section you have not completed.

While in the training, you may use the Training Outline on the left side of your screen to return to previous sections for review. A green check mark means that you have completed that section.

Who should I contact if I have issues accessing the PADHR training due to a disability?

Please contact EOCR at or 434-924-3200.

I completed the training, but the "Print this page" button on the Certicate of Completion isn't working.

If you select the print option, but it does not print, you may need to check your internet browser settings to access the document, or check to see if you are blocking pop-ups. We encourage you to print the certificate for your records, but you are not required to do so because the training system automatically tracks completion.