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NOTE: Due to ongoing concerns posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), EOCR has moved its operations offsite until further notice. We will continue to provide our services to the community using telephonic and other remote communications technology.

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ADA Coordinator

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The University's ADA Coordinator, Melvin Mallory, helps to resolve disability-related issues, conducts disability-related training, and serves as the University's primary resource for questions and concerns about services and accommodations for individuals with disabilities, including third parties, students, faculty, staff, and employees at the University and the Medical Center. Access issues may arise in a variety of contexts, including with respect to the University's online presence, built environment, extracurricular activities, events, the classroom, parking and transportation, Grounds, and more. To contact the ADA Coordinator directly, please email or call (434) 924-3295.

The University is committed to ensuring equal access to educational and employment opportunities for qualified individuals with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), as well as other applicable state and local laws and University policy. Qualified individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination, including harassment, and are entitled to reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services to ensure their participation in and enjoyment of all University programs, services, and activities. Employees should direct initial requests for accommodations to their supervisors and may seek assistance from University or Medical Center Human Resources and the ADA Coordinator, as appropriate. Students should direct initial requests for accommodations to the Student Disability Access Center (SDAC); some schools also have designated contacts. For additional information, see the procedures for requesting reasonable accommodations and a link to SDAC's webpage provided below.  

The University has a complaint procedure for informally and formally resolving complaints of discrimination based on disability. Such complaints should be filed with the Universiy's Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR). See procedures below.

Academic Accommodations

Law School Students

All Other Students (Contact the Student Disability Access Center--SDAC)




Student Housing

Workplace Accommodations

Current Academic and Medical Center Employees

Application and Interview Accommodations

Current and Prospective Academic and Medical Center Employees

  • Requesting an accommodation for the application process
  • Requesting an accommodation for the interview process

Third Party Accommodations

Third Parties and Visitors

Service Animals

Voluntary Self-Identification

Voluntary Self-Identification for Individuals With Disabilities

  •   Note: Academic and Medical Center Employees can update disability status in Workday.

(Voluntary Self-Identification does not constitute a request for a disability-related accommodation.)

Accessible Parking, Transportation, and Routes

Counseling and Consultation


Academic and Medical Center Employees

Web Accessibility - Information for Building Accessible Sites

Design your website with awareness that people who have cognitive, hearing, physical, visual, and other impairments may use your site and taking into consideration their user experience.

Accessibility Ally

Accessibility Allies are individuals (students, faculty, and staff) who take an intentional role in promoting disability awareness and inclusion on Grounds by learning about the history of disability civil rights, the resources available on Grounds, and disability inclusive and respectful communication.

You can request for your team, group, or department to participate in EOCR's Disability Awareness Presentation by contacting us at (434) 924-3200 or

Filing a Disability Discrimination Complaint With EOCR

(For assistance with or questions about filling out the Discrimination Complaint form, please contact the EOCR office at (434) 924-3200 or at

Additional Information

Report Barriers to access for individuals with disabilities.

Contact the ADA Coordinator

Melvin Mallory, ADA Coordinator
E-mail: or

2015 Ivy Road, Room 321
P.O. Box 400144
Charlottesville, VA 22904
(434) 924-3295