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Resources for Veterans

An image of a ROTC student placing flags on the UVA Lawn

The University of Virginia is committed to supporting the military veterans we hire, who are reentering our workforce, or who are transitioning as students to University life. There are many University resources available to veterans; a non-exhaustive list is provided below for your convenience. If you need additional assistance, we encourage you to contact University Human Resources through or you can contact us at Thank you for your service.


For Veteran Employees

  • Voluntary Self-Identification Form for Protected Veterans
    • Use the employee self-service system to update your personal profile.
  • Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)
    • FEAP provides confidential counseling services and assistance to employees and their families. They also provide programs about work/life balance and seminars on the basics of managing your finances.
  • University Human Resources-Benefits
    • The benefits division of Human Resources (HR) offers significant information about employment benefits with the University. They also are a resource for managing military leave. For assistance, please contact the HR Service Center at (434) 982-0123 and ask for the Leave Supervisor.
  • Career Development Services
    • Career services are available through Human Resources. The services include career counseling, assessments, resume writing, and many other programs to prepare you to resume and expand your professional development opportunities with the University.
  • Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS)
    • DVS is located in Richmond, Virginia. DVS offers services related to veteran benefits, education, care centers, cemeteries, and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program. DVS also has an online job board that posts available positions.
  • VetSuccess.Gov
    • This resource is available through Veterans Affairs. It is specifically focused on veteran employment and includes resources on translating military skills to civilian occupations.
  • Wounded Warriors Project
    • This site provides information about programs specific to injured veterans.
  • UVA Military Veteran Employee Resource Group
    • Consider joining this University networking group for military veteran employees and learn about upcoming events and ways to become involved in the veteran community on Grounds.


For Managers, Co-Workers, and Family Members


For Veteran Students

  • Veterans Benefits – University Registrar
    • This site provides contact information for the University registrar and the documents needed for accessing your education benefits.
  • Student Affairs
    • This site connects you to all of the programs available for University students.
  • Student Veterans of America
    • This site provides military veterans with resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and after graduation.
  • The GI Bill
    • This site is the home for all educational benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Wounded Warriors Project
    • This site provides information about programs specific to injured veterans.