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All Gender Restroom Signage

University Schools and Units have the option of requesting and purchasing new standard signage for marking single-stall - "All Gender" - restrooms. A working group that included members of the University's LGBT Committee, Facilities Management, and the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights considered multiple design alternatives for signage that would be community inclusive and compliant with state and building code requirements.

What is an "All Gender" Restroom?

This term refers only to single-stall, gender-neutral restrooms that may be used by anyone.  We already see these restrooms more regularly around Grounds and in the community as organizations identify individual, one-person-at-a-time, lockable restrooms.  Currently such restroom signs typically include both a male and a female symbol, but the symbols and wording used has not been consistent.  Many of the existing all gender restrooms at the university have been identified on this map:

What does the new sign look like?

The new "All Gender Restroom" sign utilizes a symbol for a toilet instead of gender symbols to make it clear that anyone may use it. The sign also includes the universal accessibility symbol if it is an accessible restroom. An example is shown below.

White toilet and international accessibility sybmol on blue background

Will every restroom be changing to "All Gender"?

No.  The new signs are available only if a unit wishes to use them.  No unit will be required to change their existing bathroom design or the current signage.  There will be no change to multi-stall, gender-specific restrooms, so there will continue to be separate restrooms used by groups of men or women.  There are no plans to have groups of men and women share the same bathroom at the same time.

How does a department purchase new "All Gender Restroom" signs?

Facilities Management is adding the new sign to its design guidelines so that this option will be readily available as requested.  Simply contact the Sign Shop in Facilities Management at Standard locks which indicate whether the restroom is occupied or available can also be installed by Facilities Management upon request.

If you have questions about the "All Gender Restroom" sign please contact EOCR at