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Resources for Veterans

An image of a ROTC student placing flags on the UVA Lawn

The University is committed to supporting and identifying resources for the military veterans we hire, those re-entering our workforce, and our students transitioning to University life. There are many resources available to veterans at the University and the list below is non-exhaustive. Please contact the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights at 434-924-3200 or visit us in Madison Hall if you need specific assistance. Thank you for your service.

For Veteran Employees

  • Voluntary Self-Identification Form for Protected Veterans
  • Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)
    • FEAP provides counseling services and assistance to employees and their families. They also provide programs around work/life balance and seminars on the basics of managing your finances.
  • University Human Resources-Benefits
    • The Benefits division of Human Resources can provide you with a great deal of information around your employment benefits with the University. They are also a resource for managing your military leave. Contact the HR Service Center at 434-982-0123 and ask for the Leave Supervisor.
  • Career Development Services
    • Career services are available through Human Resources. The services include career counseling, assessments, resume writing, and many other opportunities that will prepare you for resuming and expanding your career with the University.
  • Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS)
    • DVS is located in Richmond, VA. The Department offers services related to veteran benefits, education, care centers, cemeteries, and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program. DVS also provides an online job board for posting available positions.
  • VetSuccess.Gov
    • This resource is available through Veterans Affairs. It is specifically geared toward veteran employment and includes resources on translating military skills into civilian occupations.
  • Wounded Warriors Project
    • This site is directed towards programs and information specific to injured veterans.
  • UVa Military Veteran Employee Resource Group
    • Consider joining the University's military veteran networking group and learn about upcoming events and ways to get involved in the veteran community on Grounds.

For Managers, Co-workers, and Family Members

  • Veterans Hiring Toolkit
    • This toolkit is a comprehensive resource on strategies for hiring veterans and maximizing the benefits of their employment.
  • TBI, PTSD, and Employment Training Tool
    • This interactive e-learning module is designed to educate managers, HR professionals and co-workers about TBI and PTSD in the workplace.
  • America’s Heroes at Work
    • This site provides resources for employers including fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and reference guides for accommodating employees through the Job Accommodation Network (JAN).
  • O*Net
    • This site allows for employers/managers to translate military occupations into a civilian job framework.
  • Giving Social Support
    • This short article, available through FEAP, provides information for family members, friends, and co-workers on how to provide support for anyone dealing with a critical incident.
  • Veteran Recruitment Resources
  • Family of Heroes
    • Family of Heroes is an online interactive simulation where families and friends of veterans can learn critical skills to manage the challenges of adjusting to post-deployment life. The simulations is available through the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program and the Virginia Department of Health.

For Veteran Students

  • Veterans Benefits – University Registrar
    • This site provides contact information for the University registrar and the documents needed for accessing your education benefits.
  • Student Affairs
    • This site connects you to all of the programs available for UVA students.
  • The GI Bill
    • This site is the home for all educational benefits provided by the department of Veterans Affairs.
  • VetSuccess on Campus
    • Veterans Affairs provides information and resources for the transition of veterans to University life.
  • Wounded Warriors Project
    • This site is directed towards programs and information specific to injured veterans.