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NOTE: Due to ongoing concerns posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), EOCR has moved its operations offsite until further notice. We will continue to provide our services to the community using telephonic and other remote communications technology.

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E&I Calendar Guide

As an office within the Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, EOCR is committed to cultivating meaningful connections and mutual respect throughout our community – inclusive of our regional partners, neighbors, and organizations. The Equity and Inlusion Calendar is intended to further our mission and committments to promote a community rich in diversity. The calendar is intended to provide a forum for sharing information on events, lectures, exhibits, and other engagements that promote understanding and mutual respect across community differences, as well as our commonalities. Below you will find more information about the purpose of the calendar, how to submit an event, and other topics relevant to the calendar administration.

Tips for Event Submission

Before you submit an event
  • Check to make sure your event is not already listed. EOCR is working to monitor a variety of UVA school and unit calendars, listservs, and local community events to proactively post those events on the calendar. Your event may already be listed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the general style and format for events by reviewing some of the existing events in the calendar.
  • Proofread your event; confirm that all of your event information is current and accurate. This includes information about who will be contacted for questions and if registration is required or encouraged.
  • Consider an appropriate image to help publicize the event, such as a flyer or other materials that have been created to support the event.
Best practices
  • When considering the title for your event, make sure it can stand alone and people will understand the nature of the event if only the title is displayed.
  • When you upload an image, be sure to give it an alternative text description for accessibility.
  • If your event is restricted to only certain participants (Ex. only faculty should attend an event) make sure you let people know this is the case and consider using an event registration process. The calendar is available to the public and there is currently no "internal only" view or option on the calendar.
  • In the field for the event description, put the most important information near the top and focus on why people should want to attend the event or what they will learn or take away from the event.
  • If you are requiring a registration or have the opportunity to have individuals ask questions of the event organizers or participants, in advance, also include the opportunity for individuals to request reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability. See Accessibility Considerations for Hosting Events.
What if my event changes?
If an event you submitted to the calendar needs to be cancelled, withdrawn or updated, please contact EOCR by emailing us at


Purpose & Administration of the Calendar

Eligibility for publishing

The calendar is open and available to University offices, faculty/staff organizations, student organizations, Charlottesville-MSA community organizations (including branches of nationally-affiliated organizations), and related organizations for University learning locations that are distributed throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Events posted may be hosted on or off University property. In addition to event submissions, EOCR will attempt to monitor events through other communication venues and may post events of which it is aware that support the mission and purpose of the office and the calendar.

Who reviews calendar submissions?

All events submitted to the calendar will be reviewed by personnel in EOCR prior to being published to the publicly available calendar. The review of submissions will be conducted with consideration given to the express purpose of the calendar and University policies. Those policies include but are not limited to: HRM-009, HRM-010, HRM-040, HRM-041, IRM-008, PRM-017, HRM-014, UVA Standards of Student Conduct, the Student Honor Code, and relevant faculty policies and standards as administered by the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Faculty Senate.

Personal events or solicitations are not allowed and will be rejected. All postings to the calendar will be free from profane or violent content and all images used should be appropriate for the event being submitted, including considerations of copyright laws and University policies.

Timeline for review and publishing

Every attempt will be made to review and approve calendar submissions in a timely manner. The target posting period is within two (2) business days, but this timing may be impacted by weekends, staff availability, University office closings, and other circumstances. Individuals and groups are encouraged to post events as far in advance as possible to ensure the item is not only available to the community but also known about early enough to plan for participation.

Information accuracy and questions

If you have a question about an event on the calendar or believe information is not accurate, please refer to the contact information on the detail page for that event. EOCR will make every attempt to ensure the calendar promptly reflects changes, corrections, and updates on events that are submitted for publishing. Despite our best efforts, some information may be incorrect or we may not have information on an event..

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